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A few details about our shuffleboard league:

no experience necessary-
we're all starting at more or less 
the same (very basic) level.

Teams will consist of 6 - 10 players 
of which 4 will play on any given night
so not everyone will have to show up every week-
subs are definitely allowed
but we will need 4 players here 
for each night of match play.

We have 7pm, 8pm and 9pm slots
on Monday and Tuesday nights.
Teams will play at the same day and time each week.
The Spring season begins the week of March 16th
and runs 9 weeks 
concluding with our championship playoff
on a sunday May 17.

And as an extra bonus
you'll get a whopping 50% off court time all season long
and free court time on Sundays.
What better way to get your game into championship form?
It's a really fun community...
we book a different food truck each week
to give you a tour of NYC's best mobile cuisine
along with some live music and entertainment,
theme nights, 6 foot tophies, great prizes-
it's really a lot of fun.


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